Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Converting Patterns

Sometimes you see a knit pattern you fall in love with and then you realize you aren't that great at knitting....or maybe you can't knit at all.

Every other month over at LaughingPurpleGoldfish's group on Ravelry we have a knitting challenge. I can't knit that well so I never participate, however this month I fell head over heels for the adorable sea turtle...I mean just look at her....

Are you falling in love like I did? Well I can't knit it. Period. So I decided to work on a crochet one....

I have a few more rounds on the shell and then I am done but I still have to make the rest of the body. I used 2 colors instead of 3 plus this is crocheted not knitted so it looks a little different but I am in love with the results so far. Converting patterns is NOT hard....you just have to know what stitches have which outcome. 

For this certain pattern I started with 17 chains and did a *Sc 1, Ch 1* Pattern with in increase on both sides and when I got to 30 stitches I proceeded without the increase. Then eventually I decreased. It turned out beautiful I am in love with the texture. It is thick and stretchy. 

How hard can it be?


  1. Looks wonderful Kyliie!!! And glad that sewing
    machine behaved well again ☺