Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tutorial: Throw Pillows Part 2

Here is the second throw pillow tutorial and today we are going to learn how to make these little guys!

Ignore the bubbles....

Just like in the last tutorial you are first going to cut 2 16" by 16" squares. This gives us half an inch seam allowance!

If you are making pillow number ONE sew it all the way around until you have just 3 or 4 inches left, leave that for stuffing!

If you are making pillow number TWO, print or draw out the letter you want on your pillow, pin in down and sew around it, either by hand or machine!

Once you sew around it go back to step one, sew this side and your other side together placing the K face DOWN. 

Anywho now we are going to make a bow! Cut 2 rectangles from a contrasting fabric: 8.5"x13.5" and 2"x5".

Hem both of the long sides of the larger rectangle.

Then fold it in half like so...

Sew up the top and then flip in inside out, hiding the seam in the middle back!

Now take the smaller rectangle, fold it in half length wise and sew it. Hide the seam in the back don't worry about flipping it inside out. 

Now wrap your small rectangle around your big rectangle and VOILA! A bow appears! Just sew a few stitches where you see my fingers pinching and trim off the excess!

Now you can sew it or hot glue it wherever you want it to be on your pillow!

Now just stuff!

Now you are going to do the same thing for the letter pillow but a much smaller bow....probably 4"x7". I sewed mine right beside the K, I think that looks the best according to my letter!

And now you have 3 beautiful throw pillows for your bed!

Happy Sewing!