Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning....Sewing Edition

This week I have taken to spring cleaning. My sewing area at least. Looking at it, you can see it is atrocious. I honestly don't know how it got that bad. Yes I do. The problem is that I live in an apartment and I don't have room to do all the crafts that I do. So every craft has it's own space and my apartment ends up looking like a junk store....craft edition. Ignore the date on the bottom of all my photos. I always click cancel when it asks me to reset my dates soooooo that is how that turns out.

As you can see it is awful. Go ahead you can say it. But that is why I cleaned it so now it looks like this.

Pretty clean, right? Well now I will show you a little glimpse inside my two sewing boxes and my binder. Because these things I use EVERY time I sew. And I think it can give you some organizational ideas.

Hmmm....this is a before picture of my sewing box, I thought I took an after but apparently not. Well it gives you a general idea. I keep scissors, pens, chalk, velcro, zippers, my button jar, pins (safety and straight), hook and eyes, hand needles. Of course all that isn't shown in the picture. But it is in there now! And I have 2 extra candlestick holders from The Junk Challenge held over at LaughingPurpleGoldfish's Group on Ravelry!

This is my second sewing box where I keep my patterns and my sketch book! My sketch book I will have another post coming up to talk about. But patterns are pretty basic. I am not the best at reading them because I am still learning but I have started a little collection. On the bottom are the patterns I have made!

This is my sewing binder. In the very front it contains pages to write measurements. The next Tab is things that I thought were useful so I copied them out of books. The next tab is fashion pieces from Magazines, Newspapers, etc. And the rest of the tabs are empty. Any ideas what I should put there?

And that my friends is my sewing area. I do many crafts so I may do tours of my other areas. But be on the lookout for tutorials, DIY's, patterns, etc.

Happy Sewing!

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