Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tutorial: Pencil Skirt

This is going to be a brief tutorial on how I made this lovely pencil skirt....The only thing wrong is the pleats in the need to fold them a different way but that's okay I love it exactly how it is!


A: Waist+12" (Mine was 45)
B: Length+1 (21")
Waistband: Waist +2"

First cut out a piece of fabric that is your AxB.

 Then hem one of your A sides, after that fold your fabric in half width wise and sew up the side leaving about a 5 inch space at the top IF YOU ARE USING A ZIPPER! 

Then cut 2 pieces for your waistband and sew all but one short side, inside out it and smooth it out. 

Now attach it to the inside of your skirt, make a few pleats at this time to bring your skirt in to match the waist band, this will take some playing around!

Sew all the way around and flip in inside out, attach the zipper! If not using a zipper you need to sew in some elastic! I used bright thread for demonstration purposes!

Now just accessorize however you want! I attached a little bow in the front!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Neat Kyliie, and you do a very good tute on what to do. Hope some young one's visit here for inspiration.
    wendy in oz