Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tutorial: Hair Curlers Out of Scraps!

I know you have seen these curlers.

 I have seen them oh too many times. When I was little my mother rolled my hair in the tiny blue ones every single night. So I ended up looking a bit like this....

All in all these curlers weren't that bad. Just painful to sleep on all night. But hey lets give our hair a break from the heat shall we? Today I am going to show you how to make these homemade curlers that are HEAVEN to sleep on and result in beautiful curls! A bonus is they can be made out of whatever size scraps you have! I have bags and bags of scraps. Why not use them for something?!

First you are going to take a scrap piece of fabric and cut it to 12x5. The fold down one of the shorted edges and hem it....Ignore the spray paint all over my hands...

Then take a small piece of thin elastic, mine was 3 inches...ish. Fold it in half like so and pinch the bottom.

Fold the fabric in half length wise and place the elastic in the middle on the 2 layers of fabric, loop down. Make sense?

Now sew across, the elastic is now secure inside! Now sew down the length of the open sides and flip it inside out!

You now have this loop on the outside and a little tube attached to it!

Now find the middle of the tube (I did this by folding it in half crosswise) and sew across that line.

That is the divider between the stuffed part and the other part. Now take some poly-fil stuffing and stuff the open half until you have about half an inch left...

Now fold in the raw edges and sew across. 

Now sew a button on the middle of that line you just sewed...

And you are done!!! Now just make 14 more and you should have enough to cover your whole head!

To use just take dry hair and spritz it with water, DO NOT SOAK IT! Take a 1-3 inch section and roll it up the stuffed section of the roller, now flip over the flat side and push the button through the elastic! Sleep on these and you will have beautiful curls in the morning!

To make smaller curls cut the fabric skinnier! And to make looser curls make the fabric fatter! You can also put a button hole instead of elastic! 

Happy Sewing!

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