Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tutorial: High Waisted/Lined Shorts

I have always been in love with these types of shorts.....but i never can find any that I am in love with....

Adorable, right? Well I finally made THESE. I have had these pictures in my computer for a while so this tutorial probably won't be the best because it isn't thorough and some of the shorts pictures will be from my other shorts tutorial. So bare with me. 

I used sheer fabric and a lining fabric.

Take your short pattern from our last shorts tutorial and extend the waist about 2 inches to make them high waisted. 

Then cut out 2 pieces for the lining and 2 for the fashion fabric!

Lay them in this order....Lining, lining, fashion fabric, fashion fabric. 

Now we are going to use a bit of the bandeau tutorial.....
Put your hand in between the linings and the fashion fabrics and flip inside out, then stick your hands in between the fashion fabrics and flip inside out AGAIN. Yay! Now you have 2 lining fabrics on the inside, 2 fashion fabrics on the the outsides and your seam is hidden on the inside! Woooohooooo! I hope that made sense..... Now just continue like in the shorts tutorial....

Sew up the side seams....

But NOT the crotch!

Hold the middle top of each layer (Lining and Fashion Fabric is one layer!) and pull and a pair of shorts appear!

Sew the Crotch!

Now Just hem the bottom! And fold down the top about 1 inch so you have room the feed a waist band through! Sorry only have this picture but it is the same concept...

Make sure to cut 2 small holes in the front of the waist band so you can feed a waistband through!

And you are DONE!

Happy Sewing!

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