Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tutorial: Reusable Snack Bags!

I don't know about you but I go through about 30 plastic sandwich bags per week. Whether it be for snacks, makeup, or whatever I use them like crazy. I feel awful because I throw them away afterwards and they really add up! So here I am making REUSABLE! Your world is about to be shaken I can assure you. 
I am going to have 2 different versions of this, this one is the "5 Minute" Version, we will have another one in a bit that is a little bit cleaner and takes a little longer, I am just waiting to get my hands on the materials!

Okay enough talking here we go!


  • Walmart bags....oh you know the type. The ones that you get from EVERY store in huge quantities. I call them Walmart bags, maybe you would call them plastic bags? I used 6 but you can use up to 10! The more you use the more durable!
  • Iron
  • Wax Paper
  • Fabric
First we are going to fuse together some bags to make the inner portion washable!

Just take plastic bags and cut off the bottom and the handles! Now take each bag on top of each other on top of a piece of wax paper, once you have come to your desired thickness place another piece of wax paper on top. 

Start ironing quickly over the wax paper, your paper will start to wrinkle a bit but that is a good sign! In between the wax paper the bags are fusing to create thick plastic!

Flip over and repeat!  Pull the 2 edges of wax paper apart and check to see if your plastic is fusing! I usually go over my corners a few times. Once it is all fused you can pull the wax paper off and you have a thick, durable piece of fabric! Your corners may look like this....but all you have to do is trim them off! The rest of the plastic should look good!

Okay now get your piece of fabric! Lay the plastic and cut the fabric to the same size as the plastic!

Sew all the way around all the edges with a zig zag stitch!

Now fold up like sew until you have enough for the flap left...

Flip over, (keep folded!) and flip down the flap to the back!

Sew up both sides, holding the parts we just folded and sewing them down!

You are DONE! You can flip the flap inside out to close your little snack bag!

And here is the inside!
To wash just rinse off the inside off with cold water and soap!

Like I said this is the quick and messy version! The clean and "15 minute" version is coming soon!

Happy Sewcycling!

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