Friday, May 3, 2013

Tutorial: Simple Bandeaus

Don't you hate bras? As long as I can remember I have hated bras. I envy girls with small boobies that can not wear a bra and no one is the wiser. Anywho today I am going to show you how to make bandeau bras which is basically a strapless bra made of material. I wear this on top of strapless bras under shirts with lace backs. Anywho first lets draft a pattern! 
You need 3 measurements!

A: Around your upper bust/2-1.5
B: The measurement from A to C + 1"
C: Around your lower bust/2-1.5

Got em? Okay Not draw A on your pattern paper and in the direct center draw B going down, and now just draw C matching B to the center!

Like this....

NOW does it make sense? Good. Okay now cut out 3 pieces of fabric using this. 2 of your bandeau fabric (Let's call it BF) and 1 lining fabric (LF)! Make sure whatever you choose is S T R E T C H Y!

Once you have them cut out, lay them on top of each other in this order: LF, BF, BF. Now sew a straight stitch up both short sides!

Sorry it's blurry...blah. Now flip inside out, Your LF is on one side and your 2 BF's are on the other! Now stick your hand in between your 2 BF's and one more time flip inside out. Your BF's will be on the outside and your LF is on the inside....And you should have no seams on the inside! Yay!

Now fold and pin 1/2 an inch and hem the bottom and can insert elastic if you are using this as an ACTUAL bra. But I am just using this as a cover so hemming is good for me :)

Now you should have something like this! Flip inside out and cut a piece of elastic half the size of measurement B+1. S T R E T C H and sew down the middle of your bandeau. 

And now you have you this little scrunchy thing!

And Voila you have your very own bandeau!

You can even pair it with one of the skirts I showed you how to make last time to make a cute little summer dress!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Cute, love the colour! I agree, there are just some days in the middle of summer where I cannot handle my bra. Alas, there is no way I can ever go braless :(