Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tutorial: Headband Holder

This is another beginning sewing tutorial. You could hand sew this easily. I saw a few of these on Pinterest but they were made out of ribbons. I decided to make it out of fabric. 

It is super easy, super cute and super CHEAP to make! 

You will need 2 long strips of fabric the length is up to you, the longer it it the more headbands you can hold and I made mine decorative fabric about 8 inches wide and the top one 5 inches. But the length of both strips has to be the same. You will also need  a hair band and a decorative flower or bow (optional). 

Sew the strips in half length wise and turn inside out. 

Lay them on top of each other decorative fabric first, then the top fabric. 

Fold both fabrics through the hair band. 

Sew across!

Do the same thing to the bottom except you wont be going through a hair band. I am definitely not even. Don't judge me. 

Now every few inches sew across, creating 1-2" loops like this.

Attach your flower to the top!

And you are DONE!

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tutorial: Reusable Sandwich Wrapper

My boyfriend takes sandwiches to work every day. What a waste of plastic bags. 

Call me a hippie. 

So I made him one of these guys. 

All you need is a shower curtain and Velcro. The shower curtain does NOT need to be expensive. E.g.: I bought mine at dollar tree. 

First you need to measure your bread. Sounds weird but all bread is different. Personally I love Nature's Own. So if you do too then perfect! You can use my measurements!

My bread was 4.5 inches across and then I added 4" (2" for each side. Plus seam allowance but I don't add that in until I cut out my fabric. So I draw a line that measures 8.5".

My bread was 5" tall and I didn't add anything. Like I said I will add seam allowance when I cut. So I found the middle of my 8.5" line and drew a line 2.5 inches from the middle up and down.   Totaling in 5" tall.

Then I used a ruler to connect my lines as shown. Making a....trapezoidish. 

Then you want to cut it out. For the second piece you are going to draw out the bottom half of your first piece. And for your third piece which is going to be your flap you are going to make it your measurements of the top (5") by 1/2 of your height (2.5) plus 1" (3.5.)

See how they all fit together?

Now cut 2 of each piece out of fabric or in my case a shower curtain. Don't forget to leave seam allowance. 

Now place right sides together and sew around the edge leaving a small hole to inside out. Repeat on all pieces.

Inside out all the pieces...

Top stich around all the pieces. 

Now sew the bottom flap to the base piece as shown. Only sew the bottom long side and the 2 short sides. Creating a pocket!

Sew the upper flap just by sewing a seam across the top. 

Now attach squares of Velcro on the 2 points of your trapezoidish shape. And on the 2 ends of your flap. Make sure to LINE THEM UP and also make sure that you are putting the right Velcro in each place. 

And you are DONE!

Enjoy! And as always Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tutorial: Easy Romper

I love Rompers. I really do. And I have always thought they must be so easy to make. So today I busted out some of my favorite floral fabric and started sewing a romper for Kuki.

Adorable right? And she loves it!

It is so simple I feel bad for making a tutorial on it.

First you make your shorts pattern which I show you how to do HERE. I just extended the waist measurement a little to make it high waisted.

 Just don't put in the elastic waist band quite yet. Make the spot it goes and leave an opening for it but we will get to it later.

Now for the top you are going to measure around the top of your chest for her it was 30" so divide it by 2 and add 3"=18" then measure from your upper chest to wherever you want your romper shorts to end, hers was 10".

So I made a rectangle that was 18" by 10" plus seam allowance.

Then I pinned it to fabric, cut out 2 of them, placed them right sides together and sewed along the short seams.

I have pockets here too but I ended up not using them...

Turn both pieces inside out, match the seams up and place the bottom of the top and the top of the bottom together....confusing I know. Sew around!

Now feed the elastic band through the waist!

Is it starting to look like a romper yet?

I then hemmed the top and sewed elastic on. I measured around her upper chest and cut a piece of elastic that size. Then stretched it while I sew it across. 

This is what we have now, you can leave it like this or add straps! I added these bow straps but changed them to halter straps!

And you are DONE!

The oh so famous 'Kuki Jumping' Shot...

What a cute butt...Am I weird for thinking that?

The back...

Dance break...

And just for laughs...

Happy sewing!