Monday, June 10, 2013

Tutorial: Bow Hair Tie

I have always adored bows. Now I am getting a little bit old for them (I hate to say) but I love these adorable bow hair ties because it isn't quite a bow more like a tie. And I use this to decorate my hair when I put it in a bun. It makes it a little bit more put together and I adore the look of it. 

First take a hair tie and cut a piece of fabric. This I can't really give you measurements for because it is all based on your liking! Mine is 8"by 3" ish. Just make sure you have a decent size rectangle, enough to tie in a knot!

Now fold in half length wise making sure the pattern is on the INSIDE. Hot glue or sew the long ends and one short end together.

Turn it inside out and now you have one edge still like this!

Fold the edges inside and hot glue or sew across!

Now tie to your hair tie and you are DONE!

I pull my hair up into a bun and tie it up, then I place the hair band around the pun!

That's it! 

Happy Bun Decorating!

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