Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tutorial: Headband Holder

This is another beginning sewing tutorial. You could hand sew this easily. I saw a few of these on Pinterest but they were made out of ribbons. I decided to make it out of fabric. 

It is super easy, super cute and super CHEAP to make! 

You will need 2 long strips of fabric the length is up to you, the longer it it the more headbands you can hold and I made mine decorative fabric about 8 inches wide and the top one 5 inches. But the length of both strips has to be the same. You will also need  a hair band and a decorative flower or bow (optional). 

Sew the strips in half length wise and turn inside out. 

Lay them on top of each other decorative fabric first, then the top fabric. 

Fold both fabrics through the hair band. 

Sew across!

Do the same thing to the bottom except you wont be going through a hair band. I am definitely not even. Don't judge me. 

Now every few inches sew across, creating 1-2" loops like this.

Attach your flower to the top!

And you are DONE!

Happy Sewing!

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