Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tutorial: Pin Cushion Bracelet

I'm not sure what to call this adorable little pin cushion....It goes around your wrist like a bracelet giving you easy access to pins while you sew!

You need:

A needle and thread
A button
A fabric scrap

YES. We are doing this by hand today. You can completely do it by machine. In fact I would prefer it but not everyone is blessed with a machine so those of you who aren't, don't fret! I will do some hand sewing tutorials like this one!

First cut your elastic to the size of your wrist. I only needed about 5ish inches because I have teensy wrists.

Then Sew to secure into a circle!

Cut a piece of fabric, this part is hard to tell you about because every wrist is different mine was maybe 3"x6"...ish? I folded it so it was 3"x3". You want to have the fold so you have to sew less! 

Now do a running stitch along all three sides!

Leave a small opening to stuff!

Flip inside out and stuff!

Then ladder stitch to close the hole!

Place a button in the middle of your cushion and place your cushion on your bracelet, sew on the button going through the cushion and the elastic to attach it all together!

And you are done! 

Be careful not to shove the pins in too far and poke yourself! 

Happy Sewing!

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