Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tutorial: Reusable Sandwich Wrapper

My boyfriend takes sandwiches to work every day. What a waste of plastic bags. 

Call me a hippie. 

So I made him one of these guys. 

All you need is a shower curtain and Velcro. The shower curtain does NOT need to be expensive. E.g.: I bought mine at dollar tree. 

First you need to measure your bread. Sounds weird but all bread is different. Personally I love Nature's Own. So if you do too then perfect! You can use my measurements!

My bread was 4.5 inches across and then I added 4" (2" for each side. Plus seam allowance but I don't add that in until I cut out my fabric. So I draw a line that measures 8.5".

My bread was 5" tall and I didn't add anything. Like I said I will add seam allowance when I cut. So I found the middle of my 8.5" line and drew a line 2.5 inches from the middle up and down.   Totaling in 5" tall.

Then I used a ruler to connect my lines as shown. Making a....trapezoidish. 

Then you want to cut it out. For the second piece you are going to draw out the bottom half of your first piece. And for your third piece which is going to be your flap you are going to make it your measurements of the top (5") by 1/2 of your height (2.5) plus 1" (3.5.)

See how they all fit together?

Now cut 2 of each piece out of fabric or in my case a shower curtain. Don't forget to leave seam allowance. 

Now place right sides together and sew around the edge leaving a small hole to inside out. Repeat on all pieces.

Inside out all the pieces...

Top stich around all the pieces. 

Now sew the bottom flap to the base piece as shown. Only sew the bottom long side and the 2 short sides. Creating a pocket!

Sew the upper flap just by sewing a seam across the top. 

Now attach squares of Velcro on the 2 points of your trapezoidish shape. And on the 2 ends of your flap. Make sure to LINE THEM UP and also make sure that you are putting the right Velcro in each place. 

And you are DONE!

Enjoy! And as always Happy Sewing!


  1. Love seeing your creativity Kyliie! Always happy to see what you are creating next!
    Sarah Allen... :)