Monday, July 8, 2013

Tutorial: Front Pockets

Today's tutorial I am going to show you how to make these adorable front pockets on shorts! They are a recent favorite and I love them much more than the side pockets!

As always we first need to make the pattern!

First take your shorts pattern out. We will use this to measure how big your pockets will be. 

Cut a square big enough to cover the whole top of the shorts down  to an inch before the crotch. 

Now draw a curved line like so. Experiment with different lengths!

Now cut on that line and you have your pocket pattern!

Label it! Cut 2 out of the lining fabric and 2 out of the regular!

Sew the lining fabric and the regular fabric together to create two pockets!

Leave the end open and turn inside out!

Now flatten and point out all the corners!

Now you have two pockets!

You can pick whether to use the lining side or the shorts fabric side!

Now measure out where you want to put them on the front of your shorts! You want to place them before you sew the side seams but after you see the crotch seams! I measure about an inch or two below the waistband and an inch from the middle seam.

Top stitch around the pockets except for the curved side. This creates a pocket!

     Now cut off the excess pocket fabric from each side!

Now sew up the side seams and complete the shorts with one of my other tutorials for shorts!

And voila! These are my favorite shorts by far!  I hope you make some! Enjoy!

And Happy Sewing!

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