Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tutorial: Reusable Pattern from Clothes You Love

Every time I do a tutorial I show you pretty much how to make your own pattern. But here is an actual tutorial on how to make them and what materials are best! I figured this would be useful for someone because I know it would have been useful to me. 

You will need a marker, scissors, a ruler (optional) and wrapping paper. You can use any paper big enough but I prefer wrapping paper because you can get it CHEAP from the dollar store and on the other side is graphed!  

Start by folding the shorts with the crotch out, I threw my shorts in the dryer first to make sure there were no wrinkles. These are just a pair of boxer shorts but they fit me well so they are perfect!

Trace around them, going in for the waistband but not too much because there is an elastic waistband. Now flip them the other way with the butt out and trace again. 

Label them. 

Cut them out!

Some people (including me) didn't think that it mattered to use the same pattern for the front and the back of the shorts. But your crotch and butt are DIFFERENT SIZES. It may be a small difference but there is one!

^^^^ Example! ^^^^

I will show you how to use this in my next tutorial!

Happy Patterning!

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