Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tutorial: Shorts with Built in Apron Pockets

Am I obsessed with shorts?

I thought I was obsessed with skirts. Then I made a pair of shorts. How. Addicting.

Start by whipping out your high waisted shorts pattern that we made here and trace around it to create a new pattern!

Then place a ruler like so on your pattern and trace that line. This is going to be your pocket!

Cut your pattern out!

Now use your front pattern again and trace around the top and two sides, then lift your pattern and connect the 2 side lines. This is the inside of the pocket.

Now you have your front shorts piece and your inside of your pocket! You can use the back piece we made in the tutorial linked above for the back of these shorts!

Fold your fabric in half and lay your pattern pieces on it. You will be cutting 2 of each.

Now fold and pin down the pocket slant on both pieces and sew!

Now lay your inside pocket pieces on top of your shorts piece right sides both down and sew around NOT sewing up the slanted piece. 

Now you created your pocket!

Now repeat on your other shorts piece. Lay your shorts pieces right sides together and sew down the curved seam not the crotch. 

Now sew the back, crotch and hem all the same as my other shorts' tutorials. I still took pictures but the instructions are in all other tutorials! I did the flat front with elastic back as shown in this tutorial!

Happy Sewing!

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