Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tutorial: Bias Tape without Iron or Tool

Before I had Bias Tape Makers or Bias Tape I had to make it myself. Without an iron or a tool.

Take your fabric of any size and fold it in a triangle like so, this works for squares and rectangles!

Cut off the excess!

Now measure how long you want your strips to be, mine are 2" so I end up with 1/2" bias tape!

Now just make lines in the direction shown.

Cut out your strips!

Now lay 2 of your strips together like this and sew across the top.

If you did it right you should come out with this!

Continue until you have no more strips and now you have this long strip!

Fold your strip in half and start using a hair straightening iron to iron it down!

Now once you are done open the strip and fold both of the edges into the middle, now fold it in half again and start ironing again.

Now you have bias tape! I used about 1 yard and got about 3-4 yards of bias tape!

I will have a tutorial with a bias tape maker VERY soon! 

Happy Biasing!

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