Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Favorite Bloggers+Online Tools

Well hello everyone! I haven't blogged in forever. Today I do not have a tutorial for you all....booo! However I do hopefully have some valuable information. As a blogger I of course follow a lot of other bloggers. So here is going to be a collective list on all of my favorite blogs and online communities that have helped me to get DIY crazy!



One of my biggest inspirations and I am proud to say one of my friends. She has amazing DIY's, mostly knitting and crochet but she is dedicated to crafting with recycled materials so everything is always interesting!

Need sewing inspiration? GO HERE. She has beautiful work and very clear easy sewing tutorials, perfect for beginners!

Tilly is from the UK and has AMAZING designs. She makes her own designs and loves having homemade clothes because she isn't supporting sweatshops. She also makes her own sewing patterns!

Toni is the most inspiring person EVER when it comes to organization. She has MILLIONS (And I do mean millions!) of ideas for organizing and keeping everything neat!


Pinterest-Great ideas for everything!

Ravelry-Knitting and Crocheting database!

Bloglovin- To keep all your blogs organized!

Youtube-Great for quick references!

Well thats it! Of course I read HUNDREDS of blogs so this is not all of them, just my most read ones. Hopefully you found this useful!

Happy Web Surfing!

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