Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tutorial: Elbow Patches and Patch Pockets

I am a sucker for elbow patches. Any time I see a shirt with elbow patches I have to buy it, which got me thinking. 'Wouldn't this be easy to make?' The answer is yes. Too easy really. And I love the way it looks with the mismatched colors.

All you will need is a long sleeve shirt (Mine is from Forever21) and any fabric you want! (Mine is from Hobby Lobby)

First make a pocket pattern, this is more of a trial and error type situation. Based on what shape you like and what size. 
Tip: Test it on your shirt as you go to make sure it is a good size for your shirt. 

Lay it on your fabric and cut 2! I cut mine on fold so it was one less side to sew! Sew around leaving a small hole and inside out it. 

Top stitch around!
Tip: Using a zig-zag stitch produces a more crafty look.

For the elbow patches repeat the same process except double up your already doubled fabric so you have 4 layers! Just feel it out and cut 2 ovals (Or you can get crafty and do another shape!)
Repeat the same process as above. 

Now you can either use glue or sew the pocket and the patches on. If you use glue make sure it is water proof and you have cardboard under so it doesn't soak through. 

That's it! 

Happy Patching!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tutorial: How to Make Comfortable Hair Curlers

Hi everyone! And welcome back for another tutorial finally. I have literally been trying to upload this for a week and something has gone wrong every single time so I am just now finally getting it up.

So as a child all I can remember is sleeping on curlers and how extremely painful it was and how I couldn't even sleep. So I took the regular basic Curler and tweaked it a little bit so it could be more comfortable to sleep on. This is another tutorial featuring my trusty assistant Kuki.

First you will need a pack of curlers as shown, you can find these lots of places even dollar tree for just a dollar so you can easily find them for cheap.

So now you are going to take the guts out of each curler so all that is left is the foam!

Now cut 2 inch wide strips of fabric that are 3 times longer than your curler.
Use tweezers to pull the strip through each curler!

That's it! How easy is that!?

You can roll the curler up the hair and tie the 2 ends of the fabric together!

Sleep on them!

She loves them!

Happy curling!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Blogging

So New Years is here and that means new tutorials, new pictures, new hauls and new recipes. Hopefully I can come up with a schedule so I won't leave you guys hanging off the cliff without a tutorial.

But let's recap from 2013!

I would say we had a pretty successful year! 

Happy Resolutioning!