Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tutorial: Boxer Shorts

Today we are going to learn one of the simplest, yet most useful tutorials. How to make boxer shorts. Not being a boxer short wearer myself I had no idea how expensive they can be. Phew. Some can go for up to 20 dollars a pair! But really, how hard can it be to make them? Let me answer that by's a piece of cake. Really. 

The pictures are definitely lacking in the quality department. It was pouring rain when I made this tutorial so no outside pictures or natural lighting. 


All you need is some cotton, elastic, a clothing label, pinking shears, and a pair of well fitting boxer shorts.


First, like always trace around your boxer shorts on to your fabric to make a pattern. If you want it to be reusable then trace it on to a piece of paper! I have a tutorial here to show you how to do both of these steps.

Serge together the 2 curved sides of both sets of fabrics, as shown. 

Then open them up, match up the side seams as shown and serge them, and the crotches together. 

Hem the bottoms, use a rolled hem for the best stability!

Either serge or pink the top edge, because the method of elastic attaching we are using we wont really be able to hem the edges. 

Sew your elastic (The size of your waist) in a circle. Then pin evenly around the very top of your boxers leaving a bit extra at the top as shown. 

Sew around, stretching at the same time. Then, flip down and repeat!

Don't forget sewing in the label!

That's it!

Enjoy your adorable and quick boxer shorts! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tutorial: Big Bow Necklace

I love bows, like I have mentioned before. And I have seen several of these adorable bow necklaces around. So I decided it would be easy to make one!

Plus who doesn't love a double tutorial day?

Length of chain as big as you want your necklace, some fabric, and a clothing label (optional).

First sew a long strip in half hot dog style, the strip length depends on how big you want your bow. I think mine was about 18 inches. 

Turn inside out, if you are attaching a clothing label make sure you sew it in the previous step. 

Fold down and sew the edges like so.

Form the bow like in the diagram below.

Sew a thin strip for the middle of the bow, wrap around, sew across the ribbon AND chain, and trim the excess. 

Turn the small part inside out to hide the ugliness. 

Form your bow to your desired look.

That's it! Happy Bow-ing!

Tutorial: Head Wraps

  Head wraps are great, especially when you are having a bad hair day. I've seen some go for up to $50! 

This is one from Nordstrom for $24. And all it is, is a piece of knit fabric!

Here is my version!

Knit Fabric, tape measure, and a clothing label (optional).

 First measure around your head like a headband and multiply it by 1.75. That is your length, don't worry about seam allowance, knit fabric is very forgiving!

Your headband can be any width you want times two! Mine was about 6 1/2 inches!

Fold in half hot dog style, right sides together and sew or serge up the long side. (I recommend serging since sewing knits is a bit difficult.)

Turn inside out. Serge/sew the 2 short ends together so you have a big loop. 

Twist TWICE. In the picture it is only twisted once for an example but in order to get the turban look, it needs to be twisted twice. 

Fold down and sew together the 2 NON-TWISTED sides. (At this point if you choose you can add the clothing label!)

That's it! Enjoy and Happy Head wrapping!