Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fixing What's Broken: Little Black Dress

I love seeing how people fix and transform stuff. For some reason it is inspirational to me. So I thought it may be a good idea to show you when I fix something. I bought this dress at Marshall's for a mere $7 (Plus my discount since I work at TJ Maxx!). 
The zipper was broken. So obviously I'm like, I can fix that! But okay, here is the problem. When there is a prong (tooth? Whatever it's called) missing on the bottom of your zipper, this method doesn't work. So once I realized it, I realized I had 2 options: 1) Replace the zipper (I am doing this at about 4 in the morning and didn't have a long enough zipper) 2) Take out the back. My 4 am self decided to take out the back. 

I cut all the way around the zipper. Making sure I pinned the dress down before hand so I could go through both layers of fabric. 

I sewed bias tape around to seal the edges.

I added 2 strips of thick elastic (Being mindful and measuring where my bra would lay so I could wear a normal bra, yay!).

And of course I had the zipper left, so all I did with that was sew it to a piece of my thick elastic (stretching as I sewed to created a ruffle).

And it created this adorable cuff!

What have you had to fix?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tutorial: Return of the Reusable Snack Bags

Remember that time I told you I was going to make a better reusable snack bag tutorial like...a year ago? Well hey I finally got around to it! I am still not 100% happy with the outcome. My sewing machine apparently doesn't like sewing over vinyl. So it messes up my stitching. But this one is much more durable than my first one, so I am relatively happy. 

You need: Vinyl (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby), Cotton or Broad Cloth fabric, and Velcro.

First cut 2 rectangles, one out of your vinyl and the other out of your fabric. The sizing is up to you. I think mine was 7" wide by 18" long. (Note: The length needs to be twice the width +4)

Serge all the way around (Don't worry about leaving a hole, we aren't turning it inside out)

Fold up leaving 4" on top to create a flap (Vinyl on the outside) Sew up the sides. Then, flip inside out. 

Fold down the edges of your flaps so the serged sides lay flat. 

Sew on your Velcro (This is where my stitching got WAY wonky)

That's it! To clean just wipe with a wet paper towel. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Free Form Dress

I don't do a ton of work with knit fabrics, but after this dress, I just may have to start. I used only 2 yards to create this adorable dress. I traced around a t-shirt just to get the sleeves and shape right. (Shape doesn't matter too much since it's knit!). Then I just lengthened it (I am not even 5 feet tall so i didn't have to make it too long, so you may need 3 yards!) 

After that you can just kind of play around with the sleeves and neck line. I also made the back a bit longer. I trimmed the neckline in bias tape to pop the blue! I love the easy, flowy, effect it gives off. 

Do you have any tips for working with knits?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tutorial: Flower Crowns + Locked Out!

Remember a month ago when I told you I was so excited to be back? Well the day after that happened I got hacked. And locked out of my Google account. Google was not so helpful and I have FINALLY been approved to get back into my own Google account. 

Enough of the rant, let's see the long overdue tutorial. 
Flower crowns are all the rage right now, and even though summer is nearing it's end. I thought I would should you how I make them. 

You need: Scissors, Hot glue, Felt or other stiff fabric, Bias tape or Ribbon, Any fabric

First cut your base piece, this is where you are going to glue your flowers so bigger is better and you can trim later. I don't like them to go all the way around my head. So mine is about 7.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Then cut your bias tape the length of your head plus some to tie, I think mine ended up being about 35". 

Then, sew your base piece to your bias tape like so. 

Now we are going to work on the flowers. My strips of fabric were 2" wide. You can make them as long as you want. The longer they are the bigger they will be. 

Set your stitch to sew a straight stitch at the longest setting. Sew all the way down the middle of the strip (Long ways).

Now hold the TOP thread and push your fabric down, this will create a ruffle. 

Make sure it is evenly spread out. 

Now swirl it around and shape it to your desired shape. 

Hot glue it down making sure to hot glue the bottom first, then go around and hot glue where you think it may come up.

Repeat with other flowers (I did 4). Then you can trim around them like I started to do here. 

That's it! Tie around your head and enjoy the hippie feeling. 

Thank you for reading, Enjoy!

I also made this one, which is more of a headband. Using 2 small flowers and a bigger one in the middle.