Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fixing What's Broken: Little Black Dress

I love seeing how people fix and transform stuff. For some reason it is inspirational to me. So I thought it may be a good idea to show you when I fix something. I bought this dress at Marshall's for a mere $7 (Plus my discount since I work at TJ Maxx!). 
The zipper was broken. So obviously I'm like, I can fix that! But okay, here is the problem. When there is a prong (tooth? Whatever it's called) missing on the bottom of your zipper, this method doesn't work. So once I realized it, I realized I had 2 options: 1) Replace the zipper (I am doing this at about 4 in the morning and didn't have a long enough zipper) 2) Take out the back. My 4 am self decided to take out the back. 

I cut all the way around the zipper. Making sure I pinned the dress down before hand so I could go through both layers of fabric. 

I sewed bias tape around to seal the edges.

I added 2 strips of thick elastic (Being mindful and measuring where my bra would lay so I could wear a normal bra, yay!).

And of course I had the zipper left, so all I did with that was sew it to a piece of my thick elastic (stretching as I sewed to created a ruffle).

And it created this adorable cuff!

What have you had to fix?

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