Friday, November 14, 2014

Tutorial: Hooded Towel (For Adults too!)


Call me a child but I have wanted a hooded towel for a long time. However they don't sell them in adult sizes, for whatever reason. So I am going to show you how to make one! 

I got 3 yards of terry cloth but only ended up using about 2.5. Also if you want to accessorize yours like I did with the spikes, just grab some sheets of felt. 

Start with your two hood pieces. This is all about eyeballing. Just estimate it in this shape. 

I added my spikes between the two layers of the curve. 

Serge around the curve to secure the hood and spikes. 

Once you turn it inside out your spikes should stand up. 

I trimmed my hood down so it wouldn't be so big, try it on!

Make sure you serge or hem the edges. I made sure I did both so it wouldn't fray!

For the towel part it is just a rectangle in your desired size. Hem all the edges. 

Fold your towel in half so you can see where the middle of your long side is. Pin. Place the middle of the hood to that pin. Right sides together (Wrong sides facing you.)

Make sure to add two pleats like so. (Trust me, it will help the hood be more secure, and stable.)

Pin the rest of the hood flat. 

Sew to secure. 

That's it! Embrace your inner child

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